Maruha Nichiro Group plays a vital role in essential food related fields involving the procurement of marine products. We buy, process and sell marine products globally, making fish our core business. Making use of expansive triangle operations with ties to North America, Asia, Europe, we are involved in every process from the catching or farming of fish right up to what comes to your dining table. Over more than 100 years since our founding in the 19th century, the Maruha Nichiro Group has expanded its business to become global and borderless. The next step is to move ‘from the world to Japan’ to ‘from the world to the world’. We are moving in a new direction using our specialized experience and strong networks built up over our long history.

With changing trends of today and rising demand of different consumer needs, we have engaged in technological innovation by making use of various technologies in respond to diversifying needs from a fully professional prospective in regards to fish. Initiatives to search out the potentialities of fish had made us one of the most reliable and reputable supplier for vital and essential nutrients from fish.

Our range of products includes:

  • Hydrolyzed Fish collagen
  • Seafood extracts / flavors (paste, liquid, powder)
  • DHA / EPA