Shemberg Corporation prides itself as a world class producer of carrageenan. Our innovative spirit has allowed us to further the interest of consumers worldwide by providing processors with novel technologies, tangible benefits, cost-effective and functional carrageenan polymers. Our mission is to become the world’s foremost supplier of all types of carrageenan. We have dedicated ourselves to understanding and satisfying the needs of our customers.

Shemberg Corp, with an annual capacity of 6,000 metric tons of semi refined carrageenan and 2,000 metric tons of refined carrageenan, is the second largest player in the global carrageenan business.

Shemberg has maintained the highest standards in producing carrageenan capable of various food, pharmaceutical, personal care, oral care and other applications.

Through constant research and experiments, Shemberg Corporation is an active participant in discovering and furthering technologies in the production and application of carrageenan in response to the ever evolving needs of the world market.

The Shemberg process of extraction and refining ensure cost-effective, application specific, performance reliant and top quality carrageenan to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Our range of products and its applications includes:

  • Bengel MB Series Carrageenan – Meat / Poultry Products
  • Benlacta Carrageenan – Chocolate Milk, Ice Cream, Flan and Puddings, Low Fat Cheese and Cheese Analogs, Frozen Desserts
  • Bengel Carrageenan – Dessert Gel
  • Benvisco Carrageenan – Salad Dressing
  • Benstabi Carrageenan – Beer
  • Bengel Carrageenans – Gummy Candies, Nutritional Bars and Surimi
  • Puregell Carrageenans – Air Fresheners
  • Puregell Carrageenans – Pet Food
  • Benvisco Carrageenans – Personal Care
  • Benvisco Carrageenans – Cough Syrup
  • Benvisco LBP Series Carrageenans – Soft Capsules
  • Bengel LBP Carrageenans – Hard Capsules
  • Benvisco Carrageenan – Oral Care